Raudaskylä Christian college - Raudaskylä Christian college

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Fair, sustainable, brave, better. Raudaskylä Christian College offers various study paths to people of all ages. The campus offers an upper secondary school for adults, extra year of basic education, basic education for adults, assisted living and education for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, further vocational education, in-service training and lots courses in non-formal education.

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About us -
history, values, vision

Raudaskylä Christian College, familiarly known as Rauski, has its traditions deeply rooted in the local community. The values we support are active citizenship, strengthening local identity and encouraging people to adopt a simple and sustainable lifestyle. The cultural surroundings, peace and quiet of the countryside as well as first-rate catering accommodation services create a unique place for education, training and events.

Food and accommodation

The independent kitchen is the heart of Raudaskylä college. We offer fresh and tasty homely fare that is prepared mainly from domestic ingredients that are produced locally. The kitchen caters to events of all sizes and both every day and festive occasions.

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Raudaskyl Christian college
Opistontie 4-6, 84880 YLIVIESKA
tel. +358 8 4276 200
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e-mail: info@rko.fi