Studying at RKO - Raudaskylän Christian college


Raudaskylä College is more than just an educational institution. It´s a place to study and a comprehensive community for learning where everyone can find their place. The community offers quality education for young and old alike in an upper secondary school for adults – with evening and day classes, extra year of basic education, basic education for adults, assisted living and education for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Vocational education is offered with training in Further Qualification for Vergers, Special Needs Instruction for Children and Young People, Substance Abuse Welfare Work and Intellectual Disability Services as well as Open University courses and short term courses in non-formal education. Every year the campus welcomes students from all over Finland and the strong sense of community is recognized as a particular asset at Raudaskylä. The comfortable accommodation, numerous free-time activities and good food are things that our students and guests value. Sustainable development is a key value in both words and deeds at Raudaskylä. It includes preferring locally produced food and energy, favoring a lifestyle of moderateness, active citizenship and responsibility for your community.

Music, events and activities

Our active student council organizes various events and happenings. The surroundings provide ample opportunity for practicing sports and maintaining an active lifestyle. The student body is also very active in organizing music events and the facilities offer plenty of opportunity to rehearse many musical instruments. A wi-fi connection is available in all the public premises of the school.


Raudaskylä Upper Secondary school – International co-operation, sustainable development and preparatory training for university.

Raudaskylä upper secondary is an excellent opportunity to do a Matriculation Examination. It´s an affordable and alternative way to pass the upper secondary school in 2-4 years and to sit the Matriculation Examination. When you study at a folk high school affiliated upper secondary school the living and three meals a day are free. You can choose between day and evening classes as well as upper secondary studies designed for senior citizens.

Extra year of basic education (Tenth grade)

Tenth grade is designed for young people who want to raise their basic education grades and need some time to find out what they want to study later on. The year includes teaching in most of the basic education subjects as well as courses on life skills and familiarizing the students with different job opportunities and further education institutions. You can also acquaint yourself with upper secondary education and even take some of the classes. You can also choose between a tenth grade that emphasizes music education(Musakymppi) or work experience(Pajakymppi). Musakymppi offers teaching in 8 courses of music and 2 independent courses.

The syllabus of the tenth grade year consists of the following fields:

  • Teaching in most of the basic education subjects as well as courses on life skills and familiarizing the students with different job opportunities and further education institutions.
  • Emphasis on music or work experience
  • Skill subjects like photography, visual arts, creative writing, newspaper writing

Basic education for adults – also for immigrants!

Basic education for adults is a new change to raise your existing grades or finish studies if they have been put on hold. You can also attend the basic studies that have been designed for immigrants. If your mother tongues is not Finnish or Swedish, the syllabus will also include Finnish as a second language studies. When you start your studies you can set the goals yourself and we will create a personal syllabus for each student.

If you wish to, you can also study individual subjects such as languages. It is also useful to revisit some subjects if you´re planning on applying for further studies, such our own upper secondary school. Or you can simply study for the love of studying. Teaching is free for all students.

Learning to be independent - assisted living and education for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

The assisted living and education is located within the Raudaskylä campus and it is a way to coach participants in independent living in a modern society. The key values are security, individuality and flexibility. This solution is meant for the young people and young adults who have completed basic education using a personal study programme. Studies at Raudaskylä are also planned using a personal study programme.

The general syllabus emphasizes basic skills of independent life such as nutrition and cooking, sanitation, health and hygiene, civic knowledge, using money and running errands, interaction skills and freetime.

Raudaskylä also offers college preparatory courses in Education, Psychology Biology as well as well as year long studies in certain subjects.

Open University offers university studies to everyone who is interested regardless of age and education history. Raudaskylä organizes open university education in co-operation with the universities of Jyväskylä and Eastern Finland and the University affiliated Chydenius teaching center at Kokkola. At Raudaskylä you can study Education and Adult Education, Biology, Psychology, Philosophy and General Theology.