- Raudaskylä Christian college

Sustainability at Raudaskylä Christian College

Sustainable development in our school means that we consider all individuals and sectors of our organization to have a responsibility to promote human well-being. We are responsible for each other´s welfare as an individuals and as an organization. Well-balanced community starts with the citizens as the base.

The Finnish OKKA Foundation granted Sustainable development certification to Raudaskylä Christian College in 2014. Certifications criteria include sustainability themes such as responsible procurements, recycling and prevention of waste, energy and water, nutrition and health, safety, wellbeing of staff and students, cultural environment and cultural diversity. The idea is that the school selects annually one or more themes which are implemented in teaching and school culture (www.okka.fi). Theme days are part of our annual events. This year 2015 we have been working among voluntary work and global education.

We consider that we have an important mission in supporting the growth of our students and staff as environmentally and socially responsible and skilled citizens. We hope that they are able to consider the aspects of sustainable development in their work and everyday lives.