International Masterclass 11.-17.6.2016

Playing, the summer and high quality teaching!
Excellent teaching for the instrument, great rehearsal opportunities and the comfort of a full board will quarantee you a relaxing and a successful mastercourse! Come an enjoy the summer with music and friends.
Konstantin Bogino, Tchaikovsky-trio, Pariisi, Bergamo and Rooman Ars Academy
Katarina Nummi-Kuisma, Sibelius Academy, Espoo Music Institute
Junio Kimanen, Espoo Music Institute
Kristiina Junttu, East Helsinki Music Institute

Grazyna Zeranska-Gebert, Espoo Music Institute
Joanna Hyrsky, Espoo Music Institute
Pirkko Simojoki, East Helsinki Music Institute, Sibelius Academy

The Location
It is 15 km from the college to the centre of Ylivieska and 13 km to town Nivala. The nearest shops and supermarkets can be found in these small towns. You can do some of your shopping at the little shop of the reception and in the Raudaskylä village at "Sikabaari” (it specializes in pork products prepared in various ways) which located 1 km from the college towards the town of Nivala.

Opening of the masterclass
Class will start on Saturday the 11th of June at 9 am in our Dininghall. You can arrive at Raudaskylä on Friday evening or Saturday morning. The easiest way to arrive is by train. We have organised transportation from the Ylivieska railway station to Raudaskylä on Friday evening.

There is an outdoor recreation area called Huhmari about 5 km from the campus. You can go jogging,hiking and skiing there. You can also use our Nordic walking sticks.

During the course we have about 20 classrooms reserved for rehearsal at our college and in the adjacent school. There are about ten classrooms equipped with a piano. At daytime you can practice in the dorms as well. Booking lists are in the entrance hall of the college building.

Price of the course: 420 € (6 x 45 min)
    *Masterclass Konstantin Bogino: 550 € (6 x 45 min)
Full board in double room: 175 €
Full board in single room: 220 € (restricted availability)
You can make your payments at the reception by cash or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
In the price of the course include 6 lessons (45 min / each) and the entrance of the concerts.

Parents and relatives are warmly weclome to Raudaskylä as well.
Full board for adults in 35 € / day and for children (4-12 years) 27 € / day and under 4 years 10 € / day
These prices includes full board, entrance to lessons and concerts and leisure time activities.

Accommodation in dorms
Students will stay in dorms at the college. Dorms include 5-7 rooms (2 persons / room). Rooms are fitted with beds, a table, wardrobes and bedding (no sheets). You can rent sheets, costs 15 €.
You can find a cooker, a microwave, a coffee maker and a refrigerator in the kitchen.

Our saunas are heated every evening.

In quiries:
Artistic leader of the course: Katarina Nummi-Kuisma tel: +358405615877, e-mail:
- musical questions etc.

Course secretary:
Sari Alajoki, tel. +358504095759,
- questions about accommodation, special diets, payment, transportation etc.